by milberg

I said I’d bring some music to the midsummer’s party I went to. I ended up making one mixtape in three minutes, called it MLBRGSMMR and rushed out the door to catch the last bus in time for herring.

It got a lot of old tunes on there, some new, plenty of Paul.
Joni, you gotta have Joni (with Jaco so discretely on bass).

Anyways, even though I did in such a rush I quite like how it ended up.

I guess it sounds like this summer to me.

Enjoy. xx

Wings	                Wino Junko
Odyssey	                Who*
Mourning Sun	        Where's Love Gone Today
Richard Henry	        Oh Girl*
Joni Mitchell	        Don Juan's Reckless Daughter
Headstone	        Turn Your Head*
The Weeknd	        Rolling Stone
Inc.	                Swear
Paul McCartney	        Check My Machine
Woods	                Who Do I Think I Am?
Sage	                I Found My Music
Eddie Callahan	        Santa Cruz Mountains
Barbara Mason	        Yes I'm ready
UB40	                Where Did I Go Wrong?
Paul McCartney & Wings	Love Is Strange
Frank Ocean	        American Wedding

*stolen from a brilliant CD called “Fill your head with pop – Inside the home of Bob Stanley” (which is exactly what it says on the tin).

(Oh and here is last summer’s mixtape. It takes me back in the strangest way.
And Paul is the missing link.)