Bottoms up

by milberg

Friday was midsummer’s eve in Sweden. It manifests itself like most Swedish holidays: we drink a  lot of schnapps and eat pickled herring.
There is also dancing – around a massive penis-resembling thing. (No accident, it’s meant to be a penis-resembling thing. It’s something to do with fertility and what the land has to offer etc.)  We call it a midsummer’s pole.

It’s one of my favourite holidays.

The food is great, the weather at least could be (but usually isn’t) (but actually was this time, at least where I was) and if you go to the right party there is horseradish schnapps. It is the best.

Simply peel and chop into chip-sized bits two big pieces of horseradish.
Pop them in a nice bottle of vodka.
Let it rest. Preferably for two weeks or so but a couple of hours works too. If you use enough horseradish.

And voilà, the best schnapps ever.
If you like horseradish.