Aspects of summer

by milberg

If I don’t control myself, every other song I write ends up with the word summer in it.
It holds such promise.

A promise that is unnervingly evident in the beautiful photographic series of Massimo Vitali – beaches literally crumbling under that very notion.

This in turn makes me think of some of Joseph Szabo‘s wonderful pictures – of youth, summer and Jones Beach, one of the busiest beaches in the world.

Yet Vitali’s and Szabo’s work are each other’s opposites in many ways.
Vitali’s anonymous mass – colourful and pretty as an abstract pattern, very unsettling if you look too closely  – versus the warm black and white imagery of Szabo, where inside every chest there is a heart and inside every head there is a mind.
The crowd versus its’ individuals.

But this – and beach raves and smiles – aside, there is a deep melancholy running through every single one of their pictures.

Summer, it holds such promise.

(They both have several books published, get them.)